Belfast Rapid Transit System Funding Announced

Transport Minister Danny Kennedy has confirmed a £20m spend on new vehicles for the Belfast Rapid Transit system.

Work has now officially started on the BRT with the construction of a 520 space park-and-ride facility in Dundonald, which will link the city centre with Greater East Belfast and the Titanic Quarter and is expected to be in full operation by 2017.

The minister said £20m would be spent on 40 rapid transit vehicles that will be in delivery over the coming three years and will allow rapid transit along the routes every 5-8 mnutes at peak times, allowing commuters from outside the city centre to quickly reach the city centre during peak hours and construction on the other rapid transit routes is expected to start next month.

The minister said: "This facility is due to become operational by the end of 2014 and will be served by existing buses until the start of Belfast Rapid Transit services in 2017.

"It will further enhance the park and ride offering for commuters travelling to Belfast, in particular those travelling from the Ards Peninsula."

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